ACRA integration improved! (thanks Soundcloud)

Lots of Android developers have chosen ACRA as their library of choice in order to capture exception data on their Android apps. ACRA has a long history, is feature complete and has a big community of developers behind. We have also used it in the past and we loved it.

Despite its greatness it had a small problem. The backend of choice used to be either Google Docs or email notification to the developer. They both don’t look like ideal. So we thought about and we are happy to announce you that you can use BugSense as the backend service for your ACRA-enabled apps. All is needed is a BugSense account and one line of code!

Some help from the best

We started working on the ACRA integration about a month ago. One of the very first users of the ACRA+BugSense combo was one of your favourite apps! I am talking about Soundcloud! Jan (@jberkel) was more than helpful and gave us a lot of hints about how to improve the integration and we would like to thank him in public. Soundcloud is one of the most popular services in the world. Their Android app belongs to the 5M installations club. After a month and 60K bugs squeezed and lots of users who embraced the ACRA+BugSense combo, we are happy to announce that we lifted the restrictions on the size of ACRA error report and all SECURE_SETTINGS are logged and displayed in the dashboard.

It seems that a lot of Android developers now trust BugSense to log their exception. Our traffic has exploded and currently we squeeze more than 20K bugs per hour!


We are very happy with the reception of ACRA by the community so are working on bringing PLCrashReporter to BugSense iOS users really soon!