Apr 5

Erlang powered Big Data for Mobile: LDB presentation

Erlang Solutions’ Erlang Factory event took place in San Francisco on late March and of course we wouldn’t miss it for the world! Dio, our Head Of Engineering, was there to deliver a presentation featuring all the new stuff we’re currently “cooking” at BugSense, regarding LDB and the Application Insights initiative based on the power of Big Data, and he’s excited to share his experience with you:

“Those 5  days were full of interesting talks with Erlang pioneers and a lot of info on next generation stuff that will probably be the beginning of many success stories!

It’s a fact that every distributed application can benefit from the power of Erlang and specifically from how Erlang “sees” the massively distributed world of a robust service’s back-end. Today, Erlang is featured on a huge number of servers that power several business solutions. Having the chance to talk to all these people who are facing the same challenges as us and exchange ideas, at the Erlang Factory Conference, was not only awesome, it was inspiring!

I was able to eye-witness a lot of great talks and learn about the upcoming Erlang features but most importantly I had the opportunity to to do a presentation on our own Big Data solution, LDB.


LDB is an In-Memory CEP (Complex Event Processing) system that drives an important part of our service. It features handling tremendous amounts of requests, real-time data processing, a powerful replication engine, a full-featured functional query language and it supports interoperability with other systems (e.g. NoSQL, RDBMS, storage engines). As a bonus, LDB comes in a handy package for instant, hassle-free installation and easy deployment, ready to operate at an instant! Of course, it’s not hard to guess who is running at the “front line”, fighting the tsunami of all this traffic. Yeap, it’s Erlang!

We could say a lot more about LDB but we’re only going to add one final thing: it is about to become an Open Source project, so stay tuned! And if you’re interested in more details, I’d be more than happy to answer your questions!”