Dec 4

BugSense announces support for Windows 8

BugSense, the no 1 crash reporting solution for Android and recently recommended by Microsoft to Windows Phone 8 developers, announces support for Windows 8 C# and Javascript apps.

Windows 8 just reached 40 million consumers and with the kickoff of the holiday shopping season, analysts predict that tablet sales will explode! Windows 8 blurs the line between tablets and PCs, essentially changing the way developers think about personal computing. Windows 8 apps may be new to consumers but the app market isn’t new anymore and consumers will not tolerate crashing and underperforming apps. If you have an application on the Windows Store or plan to publish one, you’ll need to actively manage the quality, stability, and predictability of your app to attract and keep users. In the hyper competitive mobile app space, a quality user experience is defined over time as you, the developer, monitor and react to post-release app performance issues.

The release of the latest Bugsense SDK gives Windows 8 developers access to the real-time app performance information and features - stack traces, devices, geography, fix notifications, filtering, analytics, and more - needed to give their users the best possible mobile app experience with 1 line of code. Windows 8 developers, welcome to the Bugsense family!

Supporting Quotes
“Maintaining application quality requires consistent attention and is a priority for Microsoft. BugSense is a cost effective, frictionless solution for Windows Phone developers and app publishers willing to analyze, understand and improve the quality of their apps”.
JC Cimetiere, Director, Windows Phone Partner & Developer programs, Microsoft Corp

Pricing and Availability
BugSense offers developers a free two-week trial to add projects and try out features and support. BugSense offers the following plans to Windows 8 customers:

  • Free (500 reports per month), Free
  • Indie (25,000 reports per month), $19 per month
  • Plus (100,000 reports per month), $99 per month
  • Premium/Enterprise (Contact for a quote)

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