Thread reporting for ALL Android devices (1.5+), logging, custom updates and more!

We present you the FIRST android library that can catch ALL exceptions in just one line of code. And we really mean all exceptions. Even in threads. Even in Android 3+. Even in Android 4!

Also, now you can log handled exceptions just by doing this line:

BugSenseHandler.log(“YOUR_TAG”, e);

Where e is an Exception.

AND you can also try custom updates (we are planning to release a better UI in the next couple of days)!

The logging of handled exceptions and the custom updates will be part of our Premium services. The pricing will be announced next week. 

Download the beta library  here and read the docs (it’s just one line!) and give us feedback @bugsense.

Edit: A new library is here (fixes an error with Proguard).

- Jon