Premium Feature (Beta) - Custom Application updates

We are happy to announce that today at Android Open we are releasing our Premium Features for our Beta users. If you want to take a look, you can join BugSense and send us an email to guys at with subject: “Beta user” and we’ll give you access for two months FOR FREE on our new features.

User retention / Custom Application Updates

The biggest problem in mobile distribution is that when you release an updated version, user won’t receive the update (a very small precentage enables auto-update through the Google Market). So, even though you might have fixed a lot of errors, the user will have the older-buggier version. Here is where we come in.

With “Custom Application updates”, when your application crashes due to a bug that has been¬†resolved in a later released version, the user will receive a custom notification (with your icon and text messages) explaining the error and sending the user to download the app from the Google Market (or an alternative one like GetJar or Slideme or even Dropbox!).

Now you can resolve an error for a specific version:

And you can customize messages:

Give it a try and tell us what you think and if you are at AndroidOpen, come and say hi and see the demo in action!

- Jon